History: – Medikama(MKT) is Established in 2008 in Hamburg – organized wound care Application training and presented the newest treatment-Methods- 2008 – Opened the office in Tehran/Iran and registered a Iranian company  Medkama-2009 – Imported as the first company „medical honey“ as wound dressing from Australian and Germany-2009 – Started the business line “wound supplies” as exclusive distribution partner with more as 6 companies worldwide in Iran Facts – Medikama (MKT)based in Tehran and   Bochum. The best opportunity to improve communication and simplify international co operations. - Medikama(MKT) has already 12 employees. -medikama( MKT) collaborates with more as 20 distribution partner inside of Iran and 200 pharmacies in Tehran. - Medikama(MKT) supplies 30 hospitals with medical equipments and wound dressing solution in Iran. Our Products: